Introducing Projects: track projects, people & digital payments

How do you keep track of everything and everyone, without getting drowned in paperwork and missed payment deadlines?

Feb 20, 2023

As a small business owner, you’re probably wearing one too many hats. From having to manage business finances, marketing initiatives, subcontractors, managing suppliers and vendors – your day to day can be a whirlwind of different tasks and people to manage.

How do you keep track of everything and everyone, without getting drowned in paperwork and missed payment deadlines? Flume is a one-stop-shop your business can turn to, to keep all of your payments, people and projects organized. Say goodbye to losing track of time writing paper checks, trying to organize your team in excel sheets or your notepad, and ditch that rolodex! Flume is here to help.

Get your business and projects organized

With Flume’s new projects feature, you can organize your payments, payment requests, and documents by project.

For example, If you’re in the home remodeling business and have various jobs to complete, you’re able to organize each job within your Flume project’s dashboard. Within your project, you can upload your contact information – such as your subcontractors, vendors, suppliers and clients. You can even upload key documents previously collected from your contacts such as proof of insurance, w9’s, and lien waivers for your future reference. Once your projects and people are organized within your Flume dashboard, you can now ensure your business and contacts are all paid on time by using our digital payments tool.

Keep track of your people and payments

Oftentimes, small businesses have to use different invoicing apps or rely on paper checks to pay and get paid. Say goodbye to numerous invoicing platforms and apps, you can now manage all your business payments via Flume!

When working on different jobs, especially with new clients, the last thing you want as a small business is a delayed payment. This can lead to poor business cash flow – if your business doesn’t get paid on time, neither do your subcontractors! Your subcontractors have to get paid on time to build trust and maintain a healthy relationship. To avoid late payments, be sure to use Flume’s invoicing feature to keep track of your payment requests. In your dashboard, you can tell if your invoice has been settled, or if it is still pending payment.

By keeping track of your payments, you can now send follow up emails to your clients and make sure your invoice is paid in a timely manner.

Collect important forms and store it directly in Flume

Trust us, we know how tough times get for small businesses when tax season comes around. Especially if you’re a business that utilizes subcontractors! The scrambling through cabinets wondering where exactly you stored John’s W-9… or did you collect his form via email? The stress! We’re happy to report you can now store all your important documentation within each Project you create in Flume. So when January does come around, you simply go to your dashboard, and download every w-9 you’ve received throughout the year. It’s that easy.

Get paid faster by using digital transactions

Industry standards show that the average payment time for invoices is 30 days, and 90 days for the construction field! Although this is standard, and many contractors know how to manage their cash flow around these wait times, there is a better way to get paid, and that is by using digital payments and invoices. You can send and request payments within your Flume app, and give your clients and vendors multiple payment methods to choose from. These methods include ACH transfers, digital checks, and Flume’s instant pay option. By providing your partners digital payment methods, you can get paid faster when finishing a job, as opposed to waiting for that check to come in the mail.


Now that your projects, people, and digital payments are organized in your Flume dashboard, you no longer have to worry about manually keeping tabs of payments, who’s working on which project, and where your important documents are living! When it’s time to make a payment, it only takes a few clicks to pay all of your subcontractors in a timely fashion and they’re going to be thrilled how fast they will now be receiving their payments. You no longer have to worry about chasing payments from your clients and can now simply send your invoice, and track your payment right from your Projects dashboard. With the time you save using Flume, you can now focus on growing your business and planning your next project!