FlumePay App For Small Businesses, Contractors, Office Managers

Manage your jobs, documents, customers and payments on the go or from your desk.

What matters most to me is saving time! Using tools that create efficient and effective work flow that are accurate and reduce redundancies is a must. Flume does that! It’s easy to navigate, and making a payment is really fast. I can swipe up and it’s instant. Thank you, Flume!

Emilee Bolduc, Preservation Timber Framing

It's been fantastic! In a nutshell it all boils down to efficiency with a capital "E. It's been wonderful to have one A/P source to pay from.

Paulina James, Mexicali Blues

I want to get rid of all this paper! FlumePay being quick and digital is a game changer. I like how it’s set up. You select who you want to pay, enter an amount, and it sends the payment automatically.

Billie Capozza, Capozza Tile & Flooring

I can quickly see where to find my recent transactions. Easy to use!

Alisha Levine, A & D Construction


Create and send professional, detailed invoices with just a click


Attach documents, agreements or pictures to your invoices

Automatic QuickBooks Sync

Save hours of manual coding

Get Paid for Free

Choose to get paid by ACH for free or accept card payments for a fee

Shareable Payment Link

Share your custom payment portal link with customers for quick, secure one-off payments or add a QR code to a document for print

All in One Place

View all your project and payment activity at a glance

Manage Projects

Create a project for a new home build, a site excavation, to pay out bonuses, for anything at all!

Build Your Network

Assign vendors, subcontractors, customers or employees to your project

Birds Eye View

Group your cash in and cash out transactions by project in one simple view

Add Notes

Add key details to your project on the go or from your desktop

Store Documents Free

Upload any kind of document (agreements, lien-waivers, W-9’s, permits) and assign it to a contact

Stay on Top of Things

Quickly keep an eye on expiring documents and add new ones with just a click

Manage vendors

Add or import your contacts from QuickBooks or search the Flume network to find businesses

Payment options

Choose your preferred payment method from ACH, digital or paper check” in Payment options

No vendor sign-ups

You can pay your vendors with just a name and email address

No Transaction Limits

Built for businesses first

Unlock FlumePay

Encourage your contacts to sign up for free, instant payments

How to Get Started

Keep all the important details in one place.

Download FlumePay from the App Store or sign up online with your name and email.

Create a project for a new home build, a vehicle, an apartment, any project at all! Add or import your contacts from QuickBooks or search the Flume network to find businesses. Group and see all your money in and out for a project in one simple view.

Digitize and store any kind of document and assign it to a contact. Quickly keep an eye on expiring documents and add new ones with just a click.

Choose to get paid for free by ACH, digital or paper checks or accept card payments.

Try Essentials for Free with a 3 Month Trial*

Essentials subscribers have access to all Flume features, including get paid by card and pay with 30 free bill pay transactions per month. *More details

Start Enjoying Free Time

With the time saved using Flume, you can plan for the future of your business, spend more time with loved ones or take on a new hobby!


Organize Projects, People and Payments

Flume’s Projects feature helps you keep all the important details in one place.

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Free to Try

  • Explore Flume
  • Full Projects access
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Pay as You Go

  • Everything in Starter
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  • Get paid by ACH free



  • Everything in Basic
  • Unlock payment and invoices
  • Get paid by card
  • QuickBooks Online integration
  • 30 free bill payments per month
  • Unlimited FlumePay transactions


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