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How your business can pay and get paid with Flume

Meet Flume, a web platform and mobile app you can use to manage your business cash flow seamlessly.

Feb 27, 2023

Being a small business owner has its many perks. You get to live out your dream daily, turn plans into action, work your own hours, and most importantly, contribute to your society. What’s more satisfying than creating jobs, and helping stimulate the economy in your local community? We can’t think of anything!

But like everything in life, owning a business does have its downside. Poor cash flow, inflation, taxes, keeping up with your social media, you name it! On top of that, there always seem to be new bills, vendors, and invoices making their way to your desk. How can you keep track of it all? We built Flume so small business owners like yourself can have one less thing to worry about.

An app designed to make the lives of small business owners easier

Meet Flume, a web platform and mobile app you can use to manage your business cash flow seamlessly. Send invoices, make payments to your vendors/suppliers, and request payments right from your mobile device or computer! We take the hassle out of sending paper checks and tracking multiple vendors by allowing you to manage everything in one dashboard. By using Flume, rest assured that all your payments are organized, and your business can send and receive payments fast!

How do I get started using Flume?

It’s simple! You can either book a free demo call with us for an in-depth walkthrough of the platform, or if you’d prefer, just go ahead and sign up through our website and app. All you need is your name and email to claim your free trial and see the platform work its magic.

How do I send my first payment with Flume?

Once you’ve completed signing up, click the “Pay” button on your dashboard. Click on “Add Recipient” which will take you to a screen to either choose an existing contact or a new one. Fill in their information (Name, email, address, bank information). Next, enter the amount you’d like to send then select your payment method. Under your dropdown menu, you can choose between 3 payment methods – ACH transfer (2-5 days), digital check (instant), or paper check (2-5 days). There is an option to enter a memo, which will also be included in your digital or paper check. If you’d like, you can also add a note to your payee! Lastly, you would click “Send payment” and a confirmation box with all your payment information should pop up on the screen.

How do I request a payment on Flume?

Similar to sending a payment, you will find the “Get Paid” button next to “Pay”. Click this button, and enter the name of the business or person you are requesting payment from. Click save to keep this contact information for the future, and enter the amount and due date for your payment. If you’d like, you can modify the invoice number. Enter the description of your services, then click send invoice. Your invoice will automatically be sent to your contact’s email.

Watch the full video tutorial below:

Choose Flume to Send and Receive Digital Payments

By simply using an online digital payment platform like Flume, your business can now pay and get paid on time. Consider late payments, unorganized cash flow, and using multiple payment apps a thing of the past! Flume is happy to alleviate the headache of invoicing and payments and make your life as a small business owner that much easier.

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