Updated pricing structure

Jan 16, 2023

Flume is rolling out an impactful update to our pricing structure. Here's a concise overview of the changes:

Updated Pricing:

  • Our pricing has been revamped to provide enhanced value to users while lowering the cost.

  • This update aims to offer users more features and benefits for their investment, ensuring a more attractive proposition.

Extended Free Trial:

  • The free trial period has been extended from one month to three months.

  • This extended trial duration allows users to explore your platform's offerings thoroughly before committing to a subscription.

Tutorial Videos:

  • We’ve created tutorial videos to help users understand our updated pricing structure and the process of upgrading to the essentials package.

  • These videos offer step-by-step guidance, making it easier for users to navigate the new pricing model and access advanced features.

  • Learn more about our pricing and how to upgrade to essentials in these tutorial videos.

It is our goal to strengthen user satisfaction, attract new customers, and reinforce a positive relationship between our platform and its users.