Projects, pricing, search & filtering

Jan 10, 2023

In January, we're kicking off the year with exciting developments centered around Projects, Pricing, Search, and Filtering. Here's an overview of what's in store:


  • Introducing the Projects feature to empower customers in handling multiple jobs or projects efficiently.

  • With Projects, users can invite contacts like subcontractors, and upload essential files such as W-2s, proof of insurance, and lien waivers.

  • This feature allows users to effectively organize estimates, invoices, and payments based on specific projects.

Pricing Enhancement:

Enhancements to the pricing structure or options are likely part of the update, though specifics are not detailed.

Search and Filtering:

The update may include improvements to search functionality and filtering options, enabling users to quickly locate and manage their projects, estimates, invoices, and payments.

Tutorial Video:

  • A tutorial video has been created to guide users through the process of creating a project using this new feature.

  • The video offers step-by-step instructions to help users make the most out of the Projects feature.

  • Watch a tutorial video on how to create a project

These updates signify our commitment to enhancing user experience and platform functionality. First by introducing Projects as a powerful management tool and secondly through refining pricing and streamlining search and filtering capabilities. The tutorial video is intended to assist with smooth adoption of these new features. It's a promising way to start the new year!