Launching line item invoicing

Mar 14, 2023

We’ve long understood the importance of offering a solution for invoicing, estimates and document management within Flume. In our conversations with customers, we know that managing all of these moving parts takes time. Smooth, efficient management tools that are intuitive and easy to use are major time savers. Our talented developers dove headfirst into building these capabilities within Flume. This was particularly important to have as we head to the JLC Live event in Providence, Rhode Island later this month. 

We are thrilled to say that we plan to launch line-item invoicing while at the event, embedded into Projects. This means users can create detailed invoices as part of their Get Paid requests - tagged by Project for easy organization - and send directly to customers (whether they are Flume users or not).  It’s these features that help streamline workflows that small to mid-sized businesses have to juggle along with the work itself. 

Video updates from our Flume YouTube Channel: