Filtering & address validation improvements

Jan 24, 2023

We’re introducing improvements that focus on enhancing the search, filtering, and address validation functionalities of Flume. Here's a concise overview of the updates:

Search and Filter Enhancements:

  • The search and filter functions within Flume have been upgraded to provide users with a more efficient and effective way to locate the information they need.

  • These improvements aim to streamline the user experience by making it easier to find specific data and navigate our platform.

Address Validation Improvement:

  • Address validation has been enhanced to ensure that adding contacts is a smoother and more accurate process.

  • This improvement is designed to minimize errors and inaccuracies when inputting contact information, leading to better data quality.

By focusing on these improvements, Flume is addressing user pain points and enhancing the overall usability and accuracy of our platform. By prioritizing user experience and data accuracy, we’re ensuring that our platform remains user-friendly and reliable.