Enhancements, stabilization & autofill

Aug 4, 2023

Highlighted below are numerous recent updates to both the mobile and web versions of Flume. 

Mobile Updates:

  • Enhanced Data Loading, Transitions, and Animations: Improvements have been made to ensure smoother data loading, transitions between screens, and overall animations within the mobile app.

  • Improved Prefill for Email: Users now experience easier email prefill functionality, enhancing their convenience.

  • Password Autofill: Autofill for passwords has been implemented, further streamlining the login process.

  • Bug Fixes: Various bug fixes have been implemented, addressing issues related to dates, line items, and other areas of the mobile app.

Web Updates:

  • Stabilization: Bug fixes and minor enhancements have been made to stabilize the estimates, invoices, and partial payments features on the web.

  • Minor Usability Enhancements: User experience has been improved through minor usability enhancements across the web platform.

  • Grid Enhancements: Layout, filtering, exporting, and pagination within grids have been enhanced, providing users with a more efficient experience while interacting with data on the web.

These updates underscore our dedication to providing a seamless and effective experience for users across both mobile and web platforms. The focus on performance improvements, bug fixes, and usability enhancements will contribute to greater user satisfaction and engagement within Flume.