Enhancements, bugs & clarity

Jul 10, 2023

Adjusted Payment Method on Transaction Views:

Refinements have been made to how payment methods are displayed on transaction views, distinguishing between ACH, card payments, and other options for clarity.

Verified Account Indicator on Home Screen Network Rows:

Home screen network rows now clearly indicate verified accounts, using the appropriate color scheme and checkmark icon.

Resolved "Contact Us" 404 Error:

The "Contact Us" section has been fixed to eliminate the 404 error, allowing users to access the contact information without any issues.

Decoupled Projects from Capabilities:

Projects have been disassociated from capabilities, streamlining the system and improving overall application performance.

Added "Pull to Refresh" on Invoice/Estimate Detail View:

Users can now refresh invoice and estimate detail views by pulling down, providing a convenient way to update information.

Updated Estimate/Invoice Date Format:

Estimate and invoice dates have been adjusted to conform to the latest RFC standard, enhancing consistency and compatibility.

Facebook App Events and Tracking:

Integration with Facebook's app events and tracking mechanisms has been implemented, improving analytics and user engagement insights.

Enhancements to Displayed Payment Methods:

Further enhancements have been made to the way payment methods are shown, ensuring clarity and accurate representation.