Clarity, polishing, matching & redirection

Jul 6, 2023

Convert Estimate Buttons and Texts:

Updated the appearance and labels of the "Convert Estimate" buttons for better clarity and user understanding.

Line Item Update on Duplicate Invoice:

Enabled the functionality for line items to be updated when duplicating an invoice, ensuring accurate information transfer.

Polished Payments Due Notification Badge:

Improved the visual design of the payments due notification badge, especially when displaying multi-digit numbers, for a more appealing user experience.

Verified Networks on Project Estimate/Invoice Rows:

Implemented a verification mechanism for networks associated with project estimates and invoices to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

Matching Invoice Payment Requests and Icons:

Ensured that invoice payment requests correspond accurately to the web version and are correctly displayed with appropriate icons.

Sorting Payment Requests by Date:

Implemented sorting functionality for payment requests, arranging them by date, with the newest ones displayed at the top for better organization.

Web App Home Page Redirection:

Updated Flume’s home page to redirect users to the login page, enhancing security and user access control.