Accepting deposits & flexible payment options

Mar 23, 2023

Accepting deposits & flexible payment options: 

  • We launched the ability to accept a deposit on a job

  • Now you can accept either a flat amount or a percentage for a deposit on a job

  • You can also request one or multiple payments against an invoice. This provides the flexibility of accepting payment installments over the course of the job

  • In addition to flexible payment options, if an invoice recipient pays your Flume generated invoice outside of the application, you now can keep your invoice status up to date with our “Mark as Paid” feature. This helps you notate what kind of payment was made to satisfy your initial or partial payment request.

Upcoming Features:

  • Seamless Google Sign-Up: Users will soon have the option to sign up securely using their Google credentials, providing a quick and streamlined registration process.

  • Project Organization with Tags: Users will gain the ability to easily search and take actions by associating estimates, invoices, and payments with specific Projects using tags. This feature simplifies project management and tracking.

  • Markups for Estimates and Invoices: Users will be able to apply markups to estimates and invoices, allowing for the inclusion of additional costs related to products or services. These markups will only be visible to the creator of the estimate or invoice.

Tutorial Video:

For an overview of invoicing watch this tutorial video: Overview of Invoicing